WARNING: This is the OLD NZRASP server which will be turned off soon. The new server is at http://rasp.nz

RASP NZ regions

DrJack RASP BLIPMAPs for New Zealand

RASP forecasts are available here for the following regions:
  1. North Island, north west of Hamilton
  2. North Island, south east of Hamilton
  3. South Island, north of the Rangitata river
  4. South Island, south of the Rangitata river

Regional Atmospheric Soaring Prediction Boundary Layer Information Prediction maps is a specialized weather analysis tool intended for glider pilots. The tool that generates the maps was written by "Dr Jack", a meteorologist and glider pilot. This site however, is produced completely independently from DrJack.

Please note that this site is still a work in progress, so things can change from time to time, hopefully for the better.

Sponsored by the New Zealand Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association, the Matamata Soaring Centre, and the Omarama Soaring Centre.

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